The 1930 Fiberglass Ford Truck Extended Cab

At Studleys Independent Rods, we build a lot of Model A Fords. Two of the problems with the Model A trucks are the limited space inside the cab and the narrow doors. Most of us "streetrodders" like to eat, therefore limited space, narrow doors and "streetrodders" do not go together. Having said that, we decided to make the Model A truck more user friendly while retaining the Model A look, lines, and visor.

We started by placing a seat in the original truck and calculating the added space needed for a six foot tall "streetrodder" weighing 225 pounds. Obviously, for this truck to be a driver, it must be comfortable. We found that an overall 8 inches added to the cab would be sufficient. We knew all along that we did not want a quarter window and that we wanted to lengthen the doors. After much deliberation, we found that adding three inches to the doors, and five inches behind the doors would still have the Model A appearance but function much better. These added dimensions along with a 2-inch top chop really turned out to be the perfect combination, proportionately. Even better than we had envisioned.

The following paragraphs give you a better understanding of how this project evolved.

  • We first bolted a brace across the frame at the first cab mounting location. We cut the frame between that point and the K-member. All the frames we build for Model A's are 2X4 rectangular tubing, so we made an eight-inch slug with inner bracing for added strength.
  • At the weld joint, we put the frame back together, checking for alignment and level while welding it solid.
  • Next, we bolted the cab back onto the extended frame and welded in a vertical brace in front of our cut line to keep the cab from collapsing.
  • Then we took a reciprocating saw and cut the cab in half.
  • At this point, we slid the back portion of the cab back eight inches, bolted it to the frame, and started the process of cutting, bending and welding the eight inch pieces into the cab roof, sides, and floor pan.
  • We then added a three-inch section of an extra door into each door. To be sure all lines were straight, we welded a length of 1/4 inch rod to the cab in front of and behind the doors. This gave us a good set of reference points for aligning the doors.
  • We knew at the start of this project that we wanted to flush mount the doors, remove the hinges and door handles, add bear claw latches, radius the top corners of the doors, and add a sculptured, flowing drip rail for a more desirable appearance. We used a 1/2 inch angle iron conformed to the body contour around the doors. This would serve as the start of all the above modifications.
  • As you can see, this made a really nice, comfortable and drivable Model A truck cab. People who have seen it realize there's something different they are looking at, but are unable to tell exactly what until it's compared to a picture of an original cab.

We are now having a mold made of this cab and will be marketing the cab through Studleys Independent Rods. We will offer a fiberglass cab with steel and wood reinforcement. The wood reinforcement is designed by a street rod upholsterer so it can also be used to mount the interior panels. A modified Model A dash, doors, hidden hinges, bear claw latches, striker pins will all be included in the base cab. These items must be installed during the assembly process, therefore must be included. Also, since the cab was lengthened eight inches, the running boards and splash aprons were also lengthened. We will include a set of these with the base cab for no extra charge.

Since we are in the IFS and Rolling Chassis fabrication business along with building streetrods, we will offer a full complement of options with your cab for an additional fee. These would include, but are not limited to, window glass, electric window and door operators, wiring harness, AC/heat, seat, steering columns, gauges, fenders, hood, bed, etc.

Obviously, since our business is streetrods, we will contract with you to build a complete Model A pickup to your specifications. Contact us at (704) 296-9036.