1928 to 1931 Model A Frame

At Studleys Independent Rods we reproduce and manufacture the Strongest '28-'31 Model "A" Frame on the market while maintaining the Classic Model "A" Dimensions and Profile.

All of our Frames, unless specified otherwise by the customer, are stepped 2 inches and narrowed in the rear to lower the rear of the body.

Here are some of the other features of the Studleys Independent Rods Model A Frame:

  • The Rear Cross Member is laid down instead of up in order to minimize floor pan modifications;
  • Body Mount Brackets and Hood Latch Brackets are welded into position;
  • Body Mounting Holes are 3/8-16 threaded Insert Studs welded into position
  • Running Board Bracket Holes are 5/16-18 threaded Insert Studs welded into position;
  • Precision, Tig and Mig welded construction assures correct fit and alignment;
  • All frames are coated with Epoxy Primer.

Price for bare frame:   $ 750.00 

(Additional Options Include)

Motor Mounts Installed Add


Transmission Mount Installed Add


4" Z Front and Rear Add