Hot Rod Brake Components

Disk Brake Kit
11" Disk Brake Kit

For Mustang Front Suspension Bracket Kit:
Part #: B1020          $80.00

Complete Kit(includes Rotor, Caliper and Brackets):
Part #: B1030          $275.00

Universal Brake Mounting Kit
without Master Cylinder

(can be used with/without power brake booster)

Part #: B1040          $125.00 Each

Universal Brake Mounting Kit
GM Caliper Bolts
Stainless Steel G.M. Caliper Bolts

Replace those rusty or cadmium-plated bolts with our Stainless Steel Bolts.

Part #: B1050      $32.00 (Set of four)

Machined Aluminum Brake
& Gas Pedal Pads

Part #: B1060          $20.00 Each

Brake and Gas Pedal Pad

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